Bonnie Babes Foundation

Funds equipment for premature babies, research into pregnancy loss and complications, education for health professionals and support and counselling.

24-hour helpline 1300 266 643

SIDS and Kids

Support, information and research into sudden infant death as well all types of
pregnancy loss.

Teddy Love Club

Support for families who experience miscarriage, stillbirth, interrupted pregnancy and neonatal death; includes a donate-a-bear program. Phone: 1800 824 240

SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support)

Support, information and resources for stillbirth and infant death.


South Australia:


United Kingdom:

Whispered support

A blog providing practical and emotional support.

Born Angels

Support, information and discussion on all types of pregnancy loss.

Our Heartbreaking Choices

A website linked to an American book of the same name discussing
interrupted pregnancies.

Share: Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Inc.

Support network based in America.


A UK-based website for information, support and discussion for pregnancy and
infant loss.

Miss foundation

An international volunteer based organization providing support to families after the death of a child from any cause.

Glow in the woods

Support, including discussion boards for parents of lost babies.

Our forever babies

Support, forum and chat room for parents of babies lost during pregnancy or after birth.

Journey of hearts

Advice on grief and loss.

The butterfly haven

Support for pregnancy and infant loss

Twin to TwinTransfusion Syndrome

A support group for parents affected by TTTS.

Memorial websites

To Write Their Names in the Sand

Displays photographs of names of lost babies written in the sand at sunset on a beautiful WA beach.

ISA World Circle of Loved and Remembered Babies

Memorial website hosted by the International Stillbirth Alliance.



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Stillbirth Foundation Australia

A charity working to fund and encourage research and raise public awareness of stillbirth. Phone: (+61) 2 9967 3229

Australia and New Zealand Stillbirth Alliance (ANZSA)

Information and research aimed at the prevention of stillbirth. Phone: (+61) 7 3163 1592

International Stillbirth Alliance

A global umbrella group for organisations working to raise awareness and promote research into the prevention of stillbirth.

Management Miscarriage

The website of the recurrent miscarriage clinic of Sydney IVF. Includes information on causes, investigations and treatments.

Recurrent Miscarriage Information

From Krissi Danielsson, author of After Miscarriage.


A British charity — based at St Thomas’ Hospital in London — that funds research into the prevention of premature birth, stillbirth and miscarriage.

These things aren’t spoken about in antenatal classes or in the pregnancy books, and there is something very wrong about that

Sally, book contributor

For many people the inevitable question ‘why did I

lose my baby?’ leads to an, often frustrating, search

for information, advice and support.


Below are some useful links to online resources. Please remember, however, that although the internet is a fantastic tool, accuracy can never be guaranteed and there is no substitute for advice from a trusted medical practitioner.

Please get in touch by emailing if you know of a good resource that should be included on this page.