If you are here following the loss of your baby – at any point and
however long ago – my heart goes out to you. It is incredibly difficult to
find the word to describe how it feels when your baby dies. And sometimes even the most carefully chosen words are not enough.

    The book does not pretend to answer all your questions about why your baby died, but it will recognise the importance of those questions. It will not tell you how to grieve, but it will acknowledge your need to grieve. It will go some way to quenching the thirst for statistics and explanations of known causes of pregnancy loss and look at where research might take that quest in the future.

    It is all too common for those who experience pregnancy loss to feel their grief is not acknowledged. It is recognised in this book. My aim is that this book will also give others pause for thought and persuade them that even clumsily articulated words of comfort are better than none at all.

Zoë Taylor


Stillbirth and miscarriage — often referred to as pregnancy loss — are devastating experiences that take parents on a lonely journey. In Pregnancy Loss: Surviving Miscarriage and Stillbirth, author Zoe Taylor provides a truthful, factual and emotional account of that journey.

    This book is remarkable, not only because it is written by someone who has experienced multiple pregnancy losses and can therefore offer great empathy, but it is meticulously researched. It provides, for the first time, an accurate and comprehensive picture of what it means to lose a baby. Zoe Taylor describes this book as ‘a collection of voices and unique perspectives’, which
is very true. It includes interviews from health professionals and leading researchers from across the globe, references to published medical research, and quotations from numerous real families whose baby has died.

    The death of a baby raises question
after question — many beginning with
the words ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ So often there are no answers. This book, with
its encyclopaedic facts and real stories, provides a clear framework for the reader who wishes to understand all they can.
It highlights what is known and what is still being explored. And while no book can answer every question about pregnancy loss, this is an exceptionally informative read.

    For anyone who wishes to understand
the emotional side of pregnancy loss, Pregnancy Loss: Surviving Miscarriage and Stillbirth is in a league of its own.

It gives a clear and unflinching account of what it really means to continue living following the death of a baby. It is a book of amazing insights

Emma K McLeod - Founder,

Stillbirth Foundation Australia

    It gives a clear and unflinching account
of what it really means to continue living following the death of a baby. It is a book of amazing insights.

    For those who have lived through
the death of their baby, this book will provide comfort, answer many of your questions, and go a long way to normalising your feelings.

    For family and friends of anyone whose baby has died, this book will provide some understanding and suggestions for helping and supporting your loved one.

    For health professionals who work
with families whose baby dies, this book provides a glimpse into the excruciating experience of pregnancy loss. I know
that reading this will allow you to see more clearly the massive wrench such loss causes.

    I wholeheartedly and confidently recommend Pregnancy Loss: Surviving Miscarriage and Stillbirth as an essential read: inevitably, pregnancy loss will affect every person, either directly or indirectly, at some stage in their life. And while today we still don’t know enough about why babies die, this book provides understanding, clarity and hope.


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Emma K McLeod


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