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‘I wholeheartedly and confidently recommend Pregnancy Loss: Surviving miscarriage and stillbirth as an essential read: inevitable pregnancy loss will affect every person, either directly or indirectly, at some stage in their life. And while today we still don’t know enough about why babies die, this book provides understanding, clarity and hope.’

Emma K McLeod - Founder,

Stillbirth Foundation Australia

‘Invaluable for those dealing
with pregnancy loss - medically
and emotionally.’

Dr Devora Lieberman,

gynaecologist & fertility specialist

‘A very comprehensive and readable book that is a must-read for every woman who has suffered pregnancy loss - and recommended reading for anyone looking to support a couple through what has for too long been a taboo topic.’

Clare Masters

You might despair and feel very few people have any idea what it is like to walk in your shoes. And while you may wish nobody else should ever go through a similar experience, you might also crave the comfort that comes from knowing you are not entirely alone

Zoë Taylor

‘Pregnancy loss is one of the most devastating life events for a woman and her family. Zoe Taylor’s new book is a remarkable combination of personal stories and important scientific information, which together produces a vital resource for all who have been touched by this tragedy. It is highly recommended as a source of information, support and comfort.’

Dr David Ellwood, Professor

of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

‘I have just finished reading your book and I wanted to thank you on behalf of every woman who has ever lost a baby, whether it be through miscarriage or stillbirth. This book is so comprehensive yet so sensitive to our individual losses. It is everything I was searching for after my own losses.  The statistics say it all and my only hope is that this book will help to break the taboo that surrounds pregnancy loss. That soon women can talk freely about their lost children and include them in everyday life without fear of upsetting others.’

Louise Leah

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